“Bengi Tasci is a teacher who is in tune with what each individual student needs. Being a part of her Summer Recital showed me how invested she is in each child’s progress and puts the music above all else. Being a professional musician I can appreciate this because it’s teachers like her who go above and beyond that got me to where I am today.”
Blair Milne, drummer/percussionist

“In 2015 I have enjoyed association with the MusicwithBengi Studio: coaching 4 students (two twice, two once), playing two audition video tapes, playing for two in recital, and playing for three in competition. This has been a welcome adventure because in 47 years as professional, after hundreds of recitals and thousands of auditions, I have never worked with such young singers. I am full of admiration for Bengi Tasci: her patience and her effort not just giving a lesson but hundreds of volunteer hours of her private time to arrange recitals, competitions, tapes each of which include many coordinations between venue, sponsor, photographer, vidographer, assisting musicians, transportation, programs, diplomas. I am overwhelmed by this business side of Bengi but all is overshadowed by the thorough musical preparation she gives each student. By performance time they are all confident and solid. I can but wish I had had Bengi Tasci as teacher.”
Earl Buys, professional pianist/coach

“As a musician, it is a great joy to work with Bengi Tasci. She is highly skilled, encouraging, and most importantly, curious about how to inspire people to bring music to life—she helps them to grow their strengths and support their weaknesses. She expects each student’s best and provides poignant reminders on how to achieve it. I always look forward to working with her and her very well-prepared students.”
Jeremiah Oliver, pianist

“Truth is I’ve never met a more patient, kind and understanding person. Bengi took the time and gave me the tools I need to enhance my vocal abilities. She helped me find my voice. For that I will forever be grateful to her! She is the best!”
Donnalese Agard, singer/song writer

“You work so hard and provide so much inspiration for our kids!! We are so happy to have the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for giving so much to your students.”

“We look forward to everybody’s progress twice a year at her concert and it’s amazing. You won’t regret if you join in her orbit. She is so warm and caring!! She is indeed magical!!!”
Yuko and Eric Mandelbaum

“The winter and spring recitals are wonderful platforms to showcase the [student]’s efforts and it’s what they will forever remember. Thank you.”

“Bengi is a great vocal teacher, but more than her ability to teach her nurturing spirit has made it possible for me to heal from past traumas related to my singing. She made me believe that I had a right to sing.”

“Thank you so much for another fantastic semester!! You are so patient and kind during their lessons and they have both learned so much this year.”

“Bengi makes learning and playing the piano so much fun! She helps me a lot and gives me stickers at the end when I do a good job and pay attention.”
Student (age 6)

“I love singing and learning the piano with Bengi. She is very patient, kind, and always has a big smile on her face. I love my lessons with Bengi!”
Student (age 8)